The Android system fingerprint identification of the user experience pretend bility is higher


In recent years, mobile phones can complete the function of more and more, especially in the big Internet companies are launched online fusion approaches to development of mobile payment of the scene is more and more, the mobile phone become very concerned about the security and topic. Since iPhone5s apple mobile phone, the fingerprint recognition technology official into everyone's vision, and at present has many APP can support fingerprint unlock operation, or payment, etc., for the user's information security has very big effect.

For most people, they need to fingerprint identification, is not only for mobile payments, and the demand of the row in front of more general is unlocked and validation experience brought about by the fingerprint identification, followed by it to the user a kind of faith, to protect the safety of personal information may end up is the mobile payment. Mobile fingerprint unlock and validation, depend on is this: fingerprint identification module.

Although early at the beginning of the smart phones, MOTOROLA launched with fingerprint identification module Atrix 4 g, but its real fire but also is the year before the iPhone 5 s after the release, but because apple is using its acquisitions to the industry's top companies for technology, therefore has time Android producers all can not find to rival the former press type fingerprint unlock solution, so we have to use a lot of slip brush type of fingerprint identification module, and the volume of modules due to the latter technical issues are usually very big, can't placed in front, most of the fingerprint identification in the first half of last year and the year before including mobile phones, are embarrassed back row brush type of fingerprint identification has been adopted.

But no matter how to say, the industry is activated, the fingerprint recognition module manufacturers to participate in the apple market, occupied more than 80% of Android users looking to, fingerprint identification brands refers to Leon has developed a positive capacitance press type fingerprint identification module (see figure), has been gradually used in smartphones, to support the Android system is a new outbreaks.

And Android phone if you can be safe enough? Can, of course, fingerprint identification is a procedure, between the mobile phone is not encrypted this convenient but unsafe, and encryption security but not convenient intermediate value. And its significance for the safety of, is that it is not universal and must be safe, but raising the cost of espionage and crack, let users the same information value due to crack the cost increased become no longer "affordable" - this is the fingerprint on the "safe" universal significance.

Of course, with the development of mobile payment, for fingerprint identification as well as other human biometrics, industry should be combined, the government should publish relevant measures, in the form of legal norms to protect the development of fingerprint identification technology, after all, this is just a promoting citizens' information security and popularize knowledge of good opportunity, and this kind of protection, also is really meaningful.

Press type fingerprint identification technology is really good, promoted a class moments that make mobile phones.