Huge market prospects for fingerprint recognition technology Did you hear about that?


Slow after nearly 10 years after the natural growth of the fingerprint recognition technology will usher in a golden age of rapid development. Experts conservative estimates, the next five years, China will have nearly one hundred million yuan of waiting for the enterprise to develop the market. Huge market prospects, fingerprint identification technology will have a significant impact on international and domestic security industry.

Everyone (including fingerprint skin texture on the pattern, breakpoint and intersection each are not identical, that is to say, is the only, and a lifetime unchanged. Rely on the uniqueness and stability, we can put a man with his fingerprint matching, by comparing his fingerprints and preserved fingerprint comparison, can verify his real identity. This is the fingerprint identification technology.

Confirmation of personal identity and authority that is a very important part in life, especially with the coming of the era of network, people more and more high to the requirement of security. However, more and more complicated password also became a big heart in front of people, this password, passwords, bank password, BBS password... , the password management is particularly important for high security business life. In order to achieve higher security, the use of more complex and less convenient password is currently popular choice, but if we are to different devices use the same password, then we have the convenience but also increases the safety hidden trouble. But if set to a different password, and it's easy to remember.

At present, the fingerprint identification is mainly used in areas such as attendance, entrance guard, safe, believe that with the improvement of the fingerprint identification technology, also widely used in the id card, vehicle, household, and more areas.

Fingerprint identification technology is through the computer realization means of identification, but also the most widely used biometric identification technology nowadays. In the past is mainly used in forensic system. In recent years has been gradually to the civilian market. At the same time, the civil market of fingerprint identification technology is put forward with a fingerprint acquisition device miniaturization, cheap, high speed computing platform, higher identification accuracy requirement, in order to meet the needs of various applications.