Fingerprint identification new equipment


We often see the police need to collect criminal suspects in the crime and the crime forensics fingerprint. A person's skin in general are epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, a total of three parts, and often say a fingerprint is raised grain on the epidermis, due to human genetic features, so each person's fingerprints are not identical, completely even identical twins look alike, again also verified the fingerprint to to distinguish between each other of two people.

About the fingerprint identification technology, the most commonly used in modern life, basic it is fingerprint puncher, there are a number of unit of work attendance system using fingerprint punch machine. Another application more widely is holding a tablet of fingerprint identification, user login awaken their tablets, fingerprint identification is needed to authenticate and access control.

Fingerprint identification technology after years of research and practice, has reached a certain maturity, so today's manufacturers will fingerprint recognition technology is introduced into the handheld terminal equipment in it is not surprising, the independence of the fingerprint make tablet of fingerprint identification system to ensure the safety of users' personal information.

Early by optical recognition fingerprint identification technology, optical fingerprint recognition system consists of light cannot penetrate the skin surface (fatal skin layer), so only able to scan the surface of the skin, finger or scanning to the deadly skin layer, but not deep into the dermis. Due to the optical recognition only scanning into the surface of the finger skin, therefore the finger surface is clean, directly affect the recognition results. (if the user finger stick more dust, identify the error may happen, I believe you have fingers clean lead to punch dozen don't experience. And if the people in accordance with the finger, make a fingerprint, fingerprint may also by identifying system, for the user, use rise is not very safe and stable.)

Later tablets to begin using the second generation of fingerprint recognition system, capacitive fingerprint collection, in the "dragon shield information" fingerprint handheld terminals, fingerprint tablets are support Android 4.2 intelligent operating system, integrated fingerprint identification, the second generation id card read, qr code scanning, high-definition cameras, push data, and other functions in one body. Can be widely used in public security, finance, transportation, education, social security, and other areas of the industry. And meet the industry users in fingerprint acquisition, the second generation id card read, 3 g network interconnection mobile identity authentication of all-round demand.

Change its fingerprint identification error prone and unstable faults. A new generation of fingerprint system USES a capacitance sensor technology, and the small signal is used to create mountains of fingerprint image of semiconductor equipment. Fingerprint recognizer capacitance sensor signal electron, electronic signals will be through the surface of the finger and fatal skin layer, so as to achieve the dermis, of finger skin directly read the fingerprint pattern, which greatly improved the security of the system.

As is known to all, because of the human fingerprint "unique", can greatly ensure safety, so the fingerprint identification technology used successfully to smart phones, hand-held fingerprint, fingerprint tablets and other mobile terminals, thus gradually to more areas of the development of the industry.