National standardized test to establish the fingerprint recognition system


Standardized examination room, as the name suggests it is through the standardized requirements of the examination room.

Such examination according to the standard specification, should meet certain requirements, such as each examinee occupied area, ventilation, temperature requirements, broadcasting, audio, video, lighting, desk and chair height and the area and so on, this will give every candidate to provide roughly the same test environment, with fairness and normative.

We know that the construction of standardized examination room first to build online patrol system, implemented in the field, county (district) level, the municipal, provincial patrol command center of remote video monitoring and other functions, in the public security at the same time, radio management, communications, security, confidentiality, with the cooperation of the industrial and commercial administrative departments, actively use modern means of science and technology, emphasis on use of radio equipment examination room inside and outside conspire with, their stead and organized gangs of fraud and other serious violations, illegal behavior, prevent and combat test, such as mobile phone spread it over the Internet or fraud, illegal selling of cheating tools, etc. Therefore, standardization of provincial examination to some equipment providers issued a tender announcement.

In the examination site on the dimension of the equipment, in addition to the video monitoring, this year each examination site need to establish the fingerprint recognition system. According to the relevant person in charge of China university of mining the examination site, the examination site has to acquire the scores of the authentication system. Suggest students entered the examination room, fingerprint authentication is needed after the security check.

With the help of the fingerprint identification system achieved standardized test is completed using more, integrating the social resources, to promote the education informatization development, is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of education examination technology in China, but also promote the examination candidates fair, maintenance and test the interests of the staff needs, at the same time, extensive use in the field of modern information technology in the examination, changed the traditional examination method, means and idea, education examination powers laid the foundation for China's development.