Fingerprint recognition is how to accelerate the rise of the industry?


Outbreak of fingerprint identification industry. The iPhone 5 s fingerprint recognition is mainly adopted by the use of optical technology integrated chip design collocation, and NB products used to import fingerprint identification function is different; Apple by buying for at the same time, the success with the design of the mobile terminal fingerprint structural patents, patent and encapsulation of mainland and Taiwan IC design company set research and development of high wall base, so the fingerprint identification chip has been in short supply situation. In recent years, Taiwan and mainland IC design companies continuously intensify layout, has been successful to avoid patent problem, and developed based on different technical patterns, unique fingerprint identification products. Industry has several manufacturers plan launched in the second quarter 2014 capacitive pressure type of fingerprint identification products, and brewing on the bottom of the second quarter to the third quarter and early start mass production goods.

Return to the present, security industry product category is various, product homogeneityphenomenon serious and slow speed of change in product technology, is still the current security industry products for two of the largest.

With small see big, such as traditional optical fingerprint recognition technology application and development in the 1960 s, today, has a history of half a century, it compares with the principle of light reflection imaging validation, so vulnerable to refer to grain stain skin, broken skin, dry wet, environmental impact, shallow fingerprint difficulties such as fingerprints can't identify; Unable to identify true and false fingerprints, fingerprint, fingerprint membrane cannot be reject and easily through the validation.

Throughout China, optical fingerprint identification technology, attendance machines, access control machine, etc in China market still play. Taobao is cheap, function similar to the same old appearance, optical fingerprint identification technology products, and with its loopholes byproduct of booming - large taobao fake fingerprints tailor shop.

When, in the domestic security market in recent years there have been some young enterprise, they stressed from the user experience, technology innovation, develop a product of the user's requirements. Such as shenzhen refers to aung technology co., LTD. (the following Jane said: Leon), since 7 years then set about 3 d living fingerprint identification technology in-depth development, with international and domestic several biometric research institutions close cooperation. The biological recognition and the international competition, winning 3 d live fingerprint technology integrated performance good grades ranked first. And based on the technology, refers to, the development of series product involves the attendance, entrance guard, household and other fields.